This spring sale is now over, however, you can still grab this bundle and so much more...

Grab this killer bundle, setting you up on the path to health for these upcoming warmer months. Now is the time to shed the heaviness accumulated over the fall and winter months and expand into spring and summer feeling light and energized.

So what's in this amazing bundle?

1 >> My online program Live Sweet and Abundantly Sugar Free, created to support and guide you through successful sugar elimination. Inside this program is a step-by-step guide, 17 cheat sheets to guide you on what to eat, a sample meal plan, loads of tools and resources, 32 recipes and SO much more. Read all about the program and what's inside here.

2 >> My Daily Detox with Food ebook, filled with 20 delicious recipes, how tos and health tips for getting the most out of your food so you can gently detox daily. Find more info on the book here.

3 >> My Blender Lattes ebook. This yummy book is literally edible, or maybe drinkable.  This book came from my own love of lattes and no longer wanting to buy sugar filled cafe made drinks. Not only are this drinks sugar free, they are totally nourishing and energizing. More info on this keeper here.

4 >> Sugar Free Snacks e-book. 10 simple and delicious snack recipes that sustain energy and are simple to make.

5 >> Homemade Popsicle Printout. 6 popsicle recipes that are packed with veggies and still fantastically sweet.

6 >> 7 Smoothies in 7 Days, created to promote balance and give you energy.

In this bundle, you will get

  • 83 recipes
  • LOADS of tips and tricks
  • Sample meals plans
  • Direction on where to buy quality products
  • Support on how to make changes successfully
  • Access to my private online FB community with even more recipes and support

This bundle literally is the whole package to help you:

  • improve your energy
  • keep you inspired
  • help to give you motivation
  • take some of the thinking and guessing out of what to make
  • feel lighter and slimmer.