We are in an era of smoothie lovers.

I don't know about you, but I love smoothies, my kids love smoothies and it's a sure fire way to get in some extra nutrients (some really deep nourishment) especially when the day is busy (let's be honest... when life is busy).

I have personally experienced some amazing health benefits from using simple ingredients with added boosters. Let me be clear, these noticeable health changes didn't happen over night, but have been noticed over the course of several weeks of using the same super foods.

Consistency is key!

Adding health boosters to your smoothies can take it to the next level... and really take your health where it needs to go!

Here are a list of my favourite smoothie boosters. And at the bottom of the page I have a FREE handout with 7 Smoothies in 7 Days!

Matcha Powder

Even though matcha powder contains caffeine, it can also promote calmness in the body. Matcha is literally the leaves of green tea that have been ground into a fine powder. So instead of just sipping steeped green tea, you're actually consuming the whole leaves with this bad boy. Matcha helps to increase energy but also endurance (and even more so when consumed with a fat). Matcha is known to be a cancer fighter as it is a great detoxifyer.


This hormone loving root can help to boost energy, balance mood and can even help to increase libido... that's right, this super food is a keeper!

Chia Seeds

These little seeds are one of the highest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. When these seeds are immersed in water, they become gelatinous, relieving dryness and therefore helping to clean out the pipes (if you know what I mean). Chia can help to add a thickness to any smoothie with only adding a small amount.

Camu Camu Powder

If you haven't yet heard of this fruit, it's time to get acquainted. Did you know that this fruit has the highest amount of vitamin C, more then any other food? If you're looking to increase your vitamin C content, then look now further!

Bee Pollen

Ok, super cool fact. Did you know that bee pollen contains almost all the nutrients that is required by the human body? It is also a quality source of protein, vitamins, minerals and is considered a 'live' food. Bee Pollen is one of the most fascinating foods and offers a tremendous amount of nutrients in just one granule. Bee pollen can't be reproduced effectively in laboratories because of the mysterious nutrients that science can't identify.  Bee pollen can help to increase energy, support a healthy immune system and is rich in antioxidants.


Needing some extra protein in your diet? Spirulina is not only a deeply rich source of protein, it also helps with digestion, is a rich source of GLA (think anti-aging!), feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut, supports a healthy immune system and is rich in vitamins and trace minerals. It also helps with detoxification due to it's high chlorophyll content.


The health benefits of this micro algae is almost endless. This micro algae is most famous for it's effective chelation effects on the body (simple clearing and flushing out of heavy metals stored in the body). Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, which helps to detoxify the body as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor. It is rich in vitamins and trace minerals and can help to relieve symptoms of a long list of health ailments.

Raw Cacao

Chocolate anyone? Well say hello to your best friend cacao. Although similar to cocoa, cacao is the nutrient rich and raw version of the latter, which leaves all the antioxidants and health benefits that we all want to have when eating chocolate!

Wanna know how to use these super foods?

Grab my FREE 7 Smoothies in 7 Days recipes! Super simple, whole foods, health boosting, energy enhancing smoothies.

And if you decide not to add any boosters to these awesome recipes? Just drinking these nutrient rich smoothies will help to get nourishment when you're on the go. They also offer some variety to fruits and veggies so that we can truly eat a rainbow... well actually drink one.

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