You have the ability to transform your health and change your family's life in the process. The best role model for your children is YOU. Show them how to live up to their own potential by living up to your own potential. 

In this process of transformation, you may experience:

  • More Energy
  • A new zest for life
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Better Sleep
  • Healing of chronic ailments
  • Awareness and self-discovery
  • A deeper connection with yourself and your family.

To be honest, the list doesn't end there. Your health can improve in ways you had never imaged. All you need is to be committed to the process and open to information.

Your children will follow your lead, trust me they are watching and what they see you do is being programmed into their subconscious. Take the lead on health in your family and build a solid foundation. By changing your health choices, you may notice in your family:

  • A new curiosity and interest in food
  • Better eating habits
  • Improved behaviour
  • Greater cooperation
  • Less sick days and better focus in school
  • Interest in cooking and helping prepares meals
  • Greater responsibility

Let me share with you what I've learned and how to implement these changes in you and your family's life easily. Trust me, if it's complicated and uber time consuming, I don't do it either!

Start your family's health movement today!

Here's what people are saying about Amanda:

“Amanda’s grasp on how food can heal us and keep us healthy is astounding. Her passion for holistic nutrition, her ability to break things down into easy to apply components and her delicious, wholesome, superfood-packed recipes have helped each member of my family (including my toddler) to thrive on every level. If you’re struggling with health issues, looking for ways to get your yourself or family back on track with true healthy eating or even just in need of someone to help guide you to make better choices, Amanda at More Life is your girl!”

— Candice Abraham, Writer and Yogi

“Amanda is the real deal! She’s someone who completely practises what she preaches not only her business, but in her personal life too. She has made a commitment to a lifestyle she truly believes and loves to help others in the same capacity. Her passion for this lifestyle drives her motivation and fuels her spirit.

My family and I have made some very simple, yet effective changes to our lifestyle with the guidance of Amanda. She created an awareness and gave us insight into things we really had no clue about! Amanda gave recommendations to replace certain foods; reduce our refined sugar intake; introduced us to new, healthy products that are packed with vitamins and protein; and provided us with some delicious, nutritious recipes that are now a staple in our household.

Whether you are looking to make some small positive changes in life or want a complete overhaul, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed, as Amanda is so easy to speak and work with. Amanda is also very tactful when giving advice that may be hard to hear, especially when you are looking to reach a goal, but not necessarily wanting to hear what needs to be done to get there! ”

— Christina Davidson, Stay-at-home mom and Communications Consultant

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