I no longer want to dream my future into existence, but take purposeful and meaning actions to make my dreams a reality. 

This is a movement to live an awake life, out of my head and in real time. To practice the emotions I want to feel, to unleash the woman that is waiting to emerge. To stop using excuses as to why I don't practice the life I desire to live and to start taking the conscious steps, every single day.

As my 40th birthday approaches, I am ready to wake up. I don't know about you, but I am tried of scrolling my feeds mindlessly, seeing things that inspire me and then doing nothing about it. Sometimes, I follow up with something I've read, but often times I'm left with my to-do list and it falls by the waist side. Lately I've found myself thinking about needing more from life. And when I say life, it has nothing to do with material items and everything to do with how I feel. And the reality is that no one is responsible for how I feel. So I've decided to step into my life and move through my days wide awake, aware and learning to live deeply consicious about my thoughts, words and actions.

Here's the challenge: the current state of society, the hustle and bustle attitude, wearing busyness as a badge of honor, does not leave room for contemplation and reflection. It does not honor being slow and mindful. 

So how do we become slow, mindful, reflective, contemplative and allow room for personal evolution when we are literally trying to keep up in the race of life? I am a mother of two, a wife to one, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a coach, etc. as well as a stay at home mother to a toddler. My plate is full. But I am ready to commit to awaking up, living in the moment, stirring the pot and making big shifts.

Over the next year this is my journey: to nourish my self, motherhood, my relationships and marriage, to reconnect more deeply to mother nature, learn to be a conscious shopper and rise to the minimalist I want to be, to spend less and save more, enjoy the small moments, to let go, to embrace my silliness and soul... just to mention a few. 

I don't think I will ever prepare myself for a challenge this size. But I'm going to dive in anyways. Part of my motivation is that I am deeply curious about what shifts will be made over the course of a year. What will awake looks like and feel like in my life.

To be clear, this is not about perfection. In fact, it's about the opposite. I want to embrace all the beauty AND messiness that life offers. I want to be able to deal with my emotions without wanting to hide under a blanket (although I accept that at times I will do this). Life is overwhelming. But I no longer want to get stuck in chaos but to live deeper in gratitude for all that life offers. This movement is to take responsibility for the choices I make in the world and to own my part in both the beauty and mess. The choices we all make create our life and impact our world. 

This is my commitment and act of love; to me, my family and this world. Change starts with us and ripples out, creating a world and future that is filled with light.

I welcome you to follow along with me.

What can you expect?

Each month I will post about my intentions for the month ahead and how I hope to execute them. I will also share my reflections about the previous month: what worked, my challenges and how to take all of it and move forward.

I will not be making a plan... well not really. My goal is to wake up, feel life, be grateful and to truly be present. I am going to allow the universe to guide me as I ask for guidance.

This is an experiment.

And I figure what do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing. And if you feel called to follow this journey with me, you have absolutely nothing to lose too.