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New Moon Sisterhood Circle

More Life

Join Lauren Mary + Amanda Cook for a unforgettable and soul touching New Moon Ceremony + Sisterhood Circle on October 9 from 7-9pm at The Health Collective YEG in Edmonton.

Come ready to manifest some big shifts in your life, connecting with other women and spinning serious magic.

Please bring~

  • a comfortable pillow, meditation or otherwise

  • a small + clean mason jar

  • an essential oil, herb or crystal of your choice

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Ritual Craft

ritual craft more life

We believe that magic exists. We believe in taking back the word WITCH and all the stigma that it represents by embodying the true meaning of who a witch really represents. To us, Witches are all women. A WITCH is a woman who is in her full power, who celebrates her body, spirit and nature as one entity, who connects the natural rhythms of life and is unashamed and in practice of her magic.

Amanda Cook and Lauren Mary are the creatrixes of Undiet and Rewild, a retreat focused on women's nourishment through food, self awareness and sisterhood connection. The duo also run monthly sisterhood circles focused around the new or full moon in celebration with nature festivals and celestial themes. Within this, a community has been created between a circle of like-minded, yet completely diverse women who spin their magic within circle and into their daily lives.

As herbalists, nutritionists, mamas and doers of all the things, we are constantly giving birth to creations that connect us with our inner feminine divinity. Our passion is to create tools for women to bring more sacred into their everyday- not just in lunar ceremony. With Ritual Craft, our mission is to showcase how to celebrate your inner goddess on the daily by handcrafting ritual tools, using your magic, to discover herbal wisdom, spells, kitchen witchery, and so much more.

Join us on October 28th from 11-3pm, during the time of Samhain/Hallowe'en - where the viel between worlds is thin. In this four hour workshop, we will:

  • Embrace your kitchen witchery

  • Work with herbs + spells

  • Work with oils + crystals

  • Build your herbal grimoire

  • Create ritual tools to inspire magic into your everyday

This gathering is about learning, connecting, creating and taking home the gifts you made for yourself to implement simple rituals of self care into your life, every day.

Ritual Craft
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Women Unleashed

Women Unleashed More Life

Join Amanda Cook, Melanie Robinson and special guests Lauren Mary and Heather Mowat for a panel discussion on the topic of uncovering our authentic selves and finding inner transformation.

Come listen as these women share their WHY and HOW through vulnerability and humor in this open conversation with an opportunity to share, ask questions and learn.

Each woman's story is different. You will hear each woman weave stories of disconnect from themselves to a place of re-connection as they discover tools that help them to live a more fulfilled life amongst the chaos and beauty. Life is busy, full and messy, but there is a way to uncover your authentic self in the turbulance of life. Learn this through the unique stories of four woman.

Be prepared to inspire and be inspired, to hear deep truth, embrace messiness and give the middle finger to perfection.

With your ticket, you will receive a glass of wine and treats!

Please bring a pillow to sit on, a blanket for extra comfort and slippers (optional, but will will provide even extra comfort!).


We've had a few questions about what the evening will look like so we thought we'd just give a general idea about what you can expect from this incredible evening.

Once women arrive and get settled with wine, treats and a space for their pillow, we will get the evening started.

There are four panelists in total, all offering different stories of transformation. Each woman will be given a chance to share. This is the time that you would soak in the stories and keep note (in your head or on paper) of any questions you may have.

Once the four stories have been shared, the panelists will be open to questions and discussion.

It is absolutely not mandatory to share. You are welcome to be an observer and sponge up with moment. However, we welcome conversation, story telling and questions.

This event is about connection. Just listening and observing can be a powerful way to connect. We honor all women and their journey.

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Full Moon Sisterhood Circle

Full moon sisterhood circle More Life

Join Amanda and Lauren Mary (Lauren Mary Holistics) for a unforgettable and soul touching Full Moon Ceremony + Sisterhood Circle on September 25 from 7-9pm at The Health Collective YEG in Edmonton.

In this very special ceremony, we will be meeting on the Harvest Full Moon during Autumnal Equinox (Mabon). This a potent time to reflect upon the past year and acknowledge some of the shifts and releases needed in your life in order to evolve. 

Please bring

  • a comfortable pillow, meditation or otherwise
  • a journal or paper with a pen
  • an open heart + mind
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