14 years ago, Amanda had no idea how to cook and what health really meant or felt like...

10 years ago, her dream of living a truly healthy life, one filled with clean household products, green beauty products, and an abundance of nourishing food became more clear.

7 years ago, Amanda's health took a turn for the worst and she worked her ass off to climb out of the rubble with a new baby to reclaim her life through a new lens: an empowered woman and mother.

Today, Amanda sits on the other side, still riding this journey of health, but with a tool belt so jacked that she's ready for what comes her way. Recognizing that we are ever evolving and what one needed yesterday, will change. It's coming to know your foundation, your essentials, by being intuitively connected to your body's unique needs.

Amanda believes that health and nourishment shouldn't be complicated but it should always be delicious. Once addicted to sugar and processed food, she's transformed addiction to a true love of veggies... yes, veggies.

Amanda Cook More Life

One of the most healing experiences for Amanda has been to find ways to step outside her comfort zone to connect to her inner desires to experience growth, fulfillment, and joy.  

Amanda Cook More Life

Rooted in meditation and gratitude, Amanda has found a deep passion for living mindfully to capture the moments of joy in the messy chaos of motherhood and family life.  

Amanda Cook More Life

While also refining her self care through rituals that create empowerment, inspiration and rejuvenation.  

Amanda Cook More Life

But Amanda's favourite space is in her kitchen where she creates, plays and explores nourishment for her self and her family. Because there is nothing better than a healthy, delicious home cooked meal!

Amanda Cook More Life

Health is a journey. Sometimes it's about planting seeds and waiting for the inspiration within us to explode and catapult us forward. It took Amanda many years for those seeds to blossom. And now, she is living the healthy life she had once envisioned.

Amanda is holistic nutrition practitioner, lifestyle coach, wellness educator, holistic chef, teacher of meditation and a busy mama of two with a deep passion about transformational health that nourishes the mind, body and spirit. Amanda loves sharing how to simplify whole body nourishment with a balanced diet using clean ingredients, nothing fancy or complicated as well as supporting clients to create healthy habits that align with their dreams. 

Amanda collaborates with companies that align with her beliefs and has been featured on many websites. She is the author of many ebooks, runs retreats and women empowerment circles, supports clients across Canada and teaches workshops sharing that health and simplicity can co-exist.

Amanda believes that it take many things to feed the soul… and so she has other businesses on the go. Click to find out more about the other ventures Amanda is nourishing.

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