Live simply and sweeter then ever before. It's possible. Changing the way you eat, changes the way you live.

Take the first step to a healthier you today.

I was open and ready for change... for myself, my health and for my future. I didn't want to feel sick and tired anymore.

Who did I want to be? How did I want my children to see me?

What did I know? I wanted my kids to remember me as a vibrant, healthy and energetic mama who loved life. I wanted to inspire my children, to be a role model of how to care for myself, my body, my health and my life.

I wanted to inspire myself.

But how I felt contrasted how I was living. I couldn't be those things I dreamed of for myself and my kids if I felt like crap. I also could preach about something that I didn't practice. But where was I going to start?


With building some awareness, I realized that for almost 30 years, I had been eating a diet high in sugar. But I didn't even know it!

Not only was I sick of feeling sick and tired but also...

  • Riding the emotional roller coaster (quick to tears and anger are an understatement).
  • Always being bloated, even though I was a 'healthy eater.'
  • Needing to eat sweets and relying on them for an energy kick.
  • Always being hungry, even after I had eaten.
  • Having poor focus and feeling like I was living under a cloud.
  • Never really waking up, even though I was awake!
  • Having imbalanced hormones, yes, very imbalanced.
  • Skin blemishes and eczema.
  • Struggling with many MANY food allergies and intolerances.
  • Constantly feeling like I was hitting a wall.

I was on my way to real illness.

Talk about a complete contradiction from how I dreamed of living to how I was actually living.

It wasn't until I did an exercise on how I envisioned my life to look like when I was 60-70 years old. The point of this exercise was to show a few things. 1. the decisions you make today impact the blueprint being created in your body and 2. if you want to live vibrantly in the later part of your life, you need to start creating those habits now.

Whoa. This was my game changer.

It wasn't until I eliminated sugar from my life that MY LIFE opened up and my health started to transform. I felt like I had cracked the Da Vinchi Code! I had energy to spare, balanced mood, no more bloating (!), the cloud had lifted, my hormones started to balance, pesky skin blemishes cleared up and I was finally living. How I ate became more simple and more delicious than ever. It's been four years since I started on this journey and my health continues to transform. Eliminating sugar was the best health decision I ever made.

What I realized is that eliminating sugar was the gateway to reclaiming life and health. It was about learning to eat nourishing food that feeds your body. It was also about simplifying life.

 photo credit: merissa Daborn

photo credit: merissa Daborn

Repeat after me:

I am ready to move forward into true health, to take care of myself so that I can care for my loved ones. I am an inspiration and changing my life and health is in my power.

What graduates have to say:

I have wanted to make some changes to my family’s food choices and eating habits for some time, but haven’t known where to start. Being a mom of two little ones with a full time career, I have little time, energy or patience for fad diets, crazy workout regimes or complicated recipes. I wanted to make changes to our lifestyle that would instill a healthy relationship with food with wholesome options that would be simple to integrate into our busy life. So when I was presented with the opportunity to join Amanda’s program, I jumped on it.

Amanda’s program is not about restricting eating habits, but instead she guided me to a better understanding of food. From reading labels to understanding the effects that certain foods can have, Amanda has provided me with the foundation to make changes for myself and my family. She asked all the right questions, listened to my experiences and helped me challenge my own behaviors. She introduced me to many new, delicious and energizing recipes that are now a part of our daily life. Being part of her program has encouraged my family to have conversations about the food we want to put into our bodies that will energize us, make us happier and create a healthier lifestyle.

What really has impressed me about Amanda, is her approach. Amanda is the utmost professional, yet she has an enormous amount of compassion and dedication to her clients.  She is easy to confide in, sincere, supportive and most important, she is uncritical. Amanda has changed my views and has made it easy to try to live a better and healthier life.  She has made me realize the value of making conscious decisions about what I eat and what I feed my family.  And as a bonus, she is a lovely lady both inside and out.

Leah… aka mom, wife, career woman, healthier eater and still surviving!

I have always wanted to be "healthy". I thought I was, and I thought I would always have a tummy forever. I exercised, and used diets like LA Weightloss and never really enjoyed my food which made me break my diets. My final push was having my son. Knowing the day and age we live in, with all that is out there that is scary... I wanted to make a change for him.

My biggest change is how I feel. I cannot tell you how much money I have spent on the walk to the vending machine at 2:30 working in my dull office environment. I can say that I no longer "need" that snack... or "need" coffee in the mornings!, and I enjoy my job a little more. I can also say... I have NOT been sick since starting this program!

All aspects of the program are useful.. the recipes are easy to follow. Even though the cost initially is high in buying things such as nuts or Tripow, the reward is priceless. (Those trips to the store to buy junk really add up!) Also, being able to ask any questions and talk to someone who has been further along in this journey is SUPER helpful :)

I would highly recommend the program, I do not push people because the last thing I want to do is sound like I am judging their lifestyle. I share More Life's free recipes, and tell them what EASY changes have worked for our family, and I believe it plants the see.

Annie, Wellness Seeker

Goodbye Sugar!

I've been there. I get it.

The more I learn about sugar, the more I come to understand thy enemy. Did you know that sugar can...

  • Suppress the immune system.
  • Weaken eyesight
  • Cause hypoglycemia
  • Cause obesity and weight gain
  • Kill energy, creating chronic fatigue
  • Exacerbate arthritis
  • Contribute to osteoporosis,
  • Increase cholesterol
  • Lead to prostate and ovarian cancer
  • Contribute to diabetes
  • Speed up skin aging
  • Increase fluid retention
  • Cause poor concentration, mood swings, and depression.

Its a very heavy list. And it's not the end of the list either.

Sugar is addictive in nature and that's why it's so hard to kick the habit.

There are many ways to reduce sugar in your diet without feeling deprived or going cold turkey. This is not about deprivation. It's about adding more goodness into your life. Understanding the reasons behind your cravings is half the battle to unlocking the solution that works for you, as an individual.

Kicking your sugar habit can be tricky. It does involve changing your habits, building awareness, and gathering the right information to lead you to success. However, it doesn't have to be complicated. I want things to be simple and straight forward for you so that while making this change in your life, you feel nourished, excited and inspired.

 photo credit: Merissa daborn

photo credit: Merissa daborn

I like to eat delicious food! You?

One thing is for sure, never, EVER give up on flavourful food! Believe it or not, eating a diet high in sugar makes food complicated. Eating whole food is not. It's knowing what foods are good for you. Learning what food feeds your body in every way so that you can live the health you envision for yourself and your family. Sugar not only weighs us down (literally) but it also effects how we function in our life and the world. It's an energy drain!

In this program, you will learn and uncover the underlying reasons of sugar addiction so that you too can understand thy enemy. Because knowledge is power my friend. I want to arm you with so much knowledge that making the decision to kick your habit will be easy! 

  • Learn about physical and emotional causes behind sugar cravings and ways to counter them - so that you can control your cravings.
  • Learn ways to get sustained energy without riding the energy roller coaster caused by sugar.
  • Learn to use food to curb sugar cravings.
  • Learn how to identify hidden sources of sugar and get to know whole food sweeteners that promote wellness... not illness.

I want you to succeed and feel the way I feel now: vibrant, energized, inspired, healthy, happy and balanced. I want you to have the healthy life you dream of having.

This Live Sweet and Abundantly Sugar Free Program includes:

  • 30 pages of insightful and useful strategies, breaking down information to understand the harmful effects sugar has on the body and how to combat and overcome it successfully.
  • A six week sugar elimination that is broken down step-by-step and week by week.
  • 17 comprehensive Cheat Sheets that will help to guide you on how to eat and kick the cravings. These cheat sheets guide you to choosing the right food for you and how to make things easy and achievable. Including:
    • Three day sample meal plan
    • 12 Breakfast Ideas for maintaining a balanced blood sugar
    • How to choose quality proteins and healthy fats
    • Perfect Smoothie Creator
    • Breakdown of Approved Wholefood Sweeteners
  • 32 totally delicious sugar free, gluten free and dairy free recipes. Think easy, simple ingredients and mouth watering...
    • Chocolate Chia Pudding
    • Protein Bars
    • Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream
    • Garlic Green Dressing
    • Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry
    • Rutabaga Fries
    • PB&J Smoothie

Don't like to cook?! We've got you covered!

This is about simplifying life. Sure, if you want to learn some new easy recipes, you're only going to benefit. But guess what? Learning to live sugar free is about learning how to eat, learning how to read labels and how to choose ingredients that promote health. If you decide to get in the kitchen, great! If not, that's great too. This program works because it's about educating you on how and what to eat.

The good stuff doesn't stop there, oh no!

Because guess what? We all need support through this process. And I want to make sure you get it!

  • Access to our exclusive, loving and growing community via Facebook for support from me and other members with daily inspiration, additional information and more, YES MORE, recipe!
  • Email access to trouble shoot personal obstacles.
 photo credit: merissa daborn

photo credit: merissa daborn

Most importantly, you will experience a new you, a vibrant and more energized you when you follow the six week sugar elimination program. In the end you will...

  • Cut your sugar intake
  • Feel better about your dynamite body... start to love what you see in the mirror
  • Gain energy, perhaps LOTS of it
  • Improve your concentration and focus
  • Reduce mood problems and bring out the skip in your step
  • Learn a how to feed your food with simple, whole and nutritious food.
  • And who knows what else in your body will find balance!

And once you join the community, you never have to leave. In fact, I hope you decide to stay! Because let's face it, eliminating sugar will always be an uphill battle. But when you feel supported, continue to learn and find tummy warming recipes, it's a whole other ball game.

Looking forward to being a part of your sweet and abundant sugar free journey!

Praise for Amanda:

Amanda Cook is simply amazing. She has been my guide on this journey of changing my lifestyle through better eating habits. Amanda has been my support from the very beginning. It started with the prenatal supplements she suggested when I was pregnant, to now helping me choose the healthy foods I feed my toddler and husband. I trust her recommendations because of all the recipes and food eliminations she recommends have been successful in my home. I witnessed healthy eating due to how she cooks for her own family. She definitely walks the walk, and with her thorough research it makes me confident that I am feeding my family the “good” stuff. She is also a very easy person to talk to and thrives on helpings others be the healthiest they can be! Amanda believes in a sugar free household, and it is prevalent in her own life. She truly has been a blessing to my own life and my growing family! Thank you Amanda!
— Karlee Marie, Wife, Mother and School Teacher