My vision and dream for the future:

To change the way we eat so that more abundance of health will flows through this world creating healthier generations, more awareness and a thriving planet earth.

When we are in a state of health, or even on a health journey, we are working towards balance in our bodies and alignment with who we are. Because to be in a state of health is a choice, an active choice that we make daily. What we eat, how we feed our body and our family not only affects our health, but the health of those around us.

Live Sweet and Abundantly Sugar Free Program

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This program is about kicking sugar from your diet but it’s so much more than that.

It’s helping and guiding others to eat food that is nourishing to their body, to build awareness about how food affects us and the world around us. It’s about teaching others that healthy is simple and easy, that by making the choice to change the way you eat, transforms your health and your life.

This program is about creating a movement, a tribe of those who want healthier lives and those who want to act as a guide.

Eat Your Greens 7 Day Challenge

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This challenge is to help guide people to adding more greens in their diet , 2-3 handfuls three times a day. But it also gives simple recipes and how-to's because adding more greens in isn't always as simple as it looks. This program breaks it down for people so that they can find ease in adding in more health while the junk gentle gets pushed aside.

Do our visions align with one another? Do we dream the same dreams?

If you are a holistic practitioner that shares the same dreams that I do, then come join the tribe and push this movement forward together.

These programs are created and ready for you. All you need to do is spread the word, share the love and create guidance through our supportive and private community. You simply post the links to the programs on your website and get a sweet commission off of every sale.

Becoming an affiliate you will get:

  • 35% off of every sale you make for both programs.
  • Access to the private community where you can share your voice and guidance with others.
  • Any help and guidance from me in navigating through the program and marketing to the masses.

Becoming an affiliate is FREE. There is no cost to you. Zero.

You reap the benefits of these programs, help to guide others towards health and living sugar free, create a movement and being a part of a tribe.

Interested in joining?

Fill out this quick and simple application to make sure there is an alignment between your vision and mine. Then we can move forward together creating a world filled with an abundance of health.