Our chickens and turkeys are raised foraging in the forest and eating a natural diet full of tree roots, grass, bugs, worms and anything else they can peck. Both birds are supplemented with Non-GMO Alberta grown grain, which is also free of antibiotics and added hormones.

These birds are loved and cared for by 4 families, including their children who like to give lots of cuddles to the baby chicks. The farm is located in Ardrossan, Alberta.


The chickens are raised for 12 weeks during the spring and summer months and are Alberta Inspected upon butchering. The average weight of each chicken is 10lbs, some weighing more and some weighing less. They come wrapped whole and frozen. Chickens sell for $3.50lb.


Turkeys are raised for 20 weeks in the spring to late fall and are also Alberta Inspected. The turkeys will weigh between 20-30lbs and are $3.50lb.

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Please Note: Sale days will happen over the course of several weekends from 12-4pm during the summer and not at random scheduling times.