I read this quote a week ago and although it's a simple statement, it's also a profound one.

Food is a life force working for us and against us. Either promoting life or hindering it.

And so what if we ate more food that promoted a life where we felt vibrant and energized?

What if we ate more food that stopped bloating and aided in digestion?

What if we ate more food that removed that cloud hanging over us and allowed us to glow?

What if we ate more food that was alive so that we could feel more alive too?

It's about changing the way we feel in our body. And the best place to start, is with food.

This is the goal. It's really quite simple. Eat more food that is alive so that we can profoundly feel more alive ourselves.

What is food that is alive?

  • Wholefoods that are raw and contain all their enzymes.
  • Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha
  • Sprouted grains, nuts or seeds
  • Raw unpasturized honey
  • Superfoods like spirulina and chlorella

Join me for 7 days of healthy eating using food that really feeds and nourishes us.  In this guided challenge, I will walk with you as we eat to live more vibrantly, offering support, more simple dishes to create in your kitchen and helping you work out the kinks.

All for FREE.

Each day I will post a new simple recipe using these amazing alive foods (nothing crazy, just gorgeous food you can find in your grocery store), offer guidelines, foods to add in and strategies to promote success.

This journey will be guided in my private Facebook group. And once you become a member, you'll always be a member.

For participating, one lucky health seeker will be rewarded with a large bag of TriPow Greens, valued at $65.00!

TriPow greens are a mix of two algae, spirulina and chlorella. This smooth mix can be added to smoothies, dips and even popsicles. Check out TriPow's website for all the health benefits these amazing super foods have to offer to our mind, body and even our spirit.

All of this starts September 25th!