There are a lot of obstacles that come into play when you're looking to transform your health:

  • lack of time

  • low energy

  • lack of motivation

  • low self esteem

  • and unresolved attachments to food and our health.

These obstacles can really get in the way of success and hinder us from getting where we want to be.

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to create a positive change in your life and feeling like there's so many doors to walk through, so many hoops to jump through.

Navigating health can be exhausting, isolating and at times can leave you feeling defeated.

Have you asked yourself any of these questions...

  1. Where do I start!?

  2. What are the best foods to eat? There's too many "diets" to choose from!

  3. And what about stress? How big of a role does this play in my life?

  4. I'm so stuck in my habits, how do I shift them?

  5. How do I change my mindset around food and health?

  6. How can I find more time for myself?

  7. Why am I lacking self love?

  8. Am I my own biggest obstacle?

  9. How do I fit health into my life?

Truly, this list can go on forever. Because when it comes to your health, it's never just one thing or one obstacle to overcome. It's many and it's layered.

The fact is that there's a lot of amazing and accessible information out there. And for some, this is all they need.

But for others, they need more.

When working one on one you take health in steps and take the guessing out of it. It's all about matching your needs to your goals and finding the best route to get you there. This way you can come out the other side, transformed.

I can remember many times in my life when I was struggling in my health or with my children's health...

So what did I do? I reached out to those who could shine a light, give me some perspective, offer some support and guide me through the murky water. By doing this, I felt armed with knowledge and empowered to move forward.

At times I felt so overwhelmed by the changes I knew needed to be made. By working with others I felt my worries validated which allowed me to release some of the stress I was experiencing. And time and time again it showed me that we aren't meant to go on these health journeys alone. We need a tribe of people to keep us on the right track, to guide us and to lift us up when we feel defeated or lost.

Let's face it, no time is a good time. Life is busy and jammed packed for people. For me it was no different. But when I want something to change, I find a way. I need to make it happen. And being held accountable definitely helped at times when I was really struggling with energy.

When I started on my sugar free journey, I had a tribe of health professionals who were experts right by my side, guiding me through the process. Because I wasn't just eliminating sugar, I was letting go of habits, learning a new way to cook and eat, working to increase my energy, balance my hormones, working on managing my stress and learning deep self love. I was transforming my life.

For some people online programs, googling recipes, reading books does the trick and offers the support and guidance they need. But if you're like me, I need people. I want to be seen and heard. I need some extra love.

There is not a one size fits all program. We are all unique with different experiences and when you work one on one, you get individualized support.

3 Month Transformation ~ Investment $ 950

6 sessions: Initial session 1.5 hours, additional sessions 45 minutes.

This program is perfect for someone who is ready to make B I G changes in their health and their life. Transforming your health is not an easy task. It is one that requires dedication, support, tools, resources and love. This program is made for you if you're ready to live the health of your dreams and would love to have a cheering squad by your side through the process.  

Over 3 months you will:

  • learn new habits and build self love

  • unattach from limiting beliefs and learn new ways of thinking

  • build awareness about yourself and your habits

  • learn how to grocery shop and build brand awareness

  • feel accountable and supported

  • learn to meal plan

  • get bi-weekly action plans

  • get new recipes after each session tailored to your needs

  • set and accomplish realistic goals

You will also have access to email support over the course of 3 months.

All sessions are through FaceTime or Skype unless otherwise requested. Local home visits will have additional travel fees based on kilometres and time traveled.

Sessions are individual directed with a focus on success. You are at the heart of the journey. You are your own best expert and I am there to help you dig deep so you can build the life and health of your dreams.

"Amanda’s grasp on how food can heal us and keep us healthy is astounding. Her passion for holistic nutrition, her ability to break things down into easy to apply components and her delicious, wholesome, superfood-packed recipes have helped each member of my family (including my toddler) to thrive on every level. If you’re struggling with health issues, looking for ways to get your yourself or family back on track with true healthy eating or even just in need of someone to help guide you to make better choices, Amanda at More Life is your girl!"

- Candice, Writer and Yogi

"Amanda is the real deal! She’s someone who completely practices what she preaches not only her business, but in her personal life too. She has made a commitment to a lifestyle she truly believes and loves to help others in the same capacity. Her passion for this lifestyle drives her motivation and fuels her spirit.

My family and I have made some very simple, yet effective changes to our lifestyle with the guidance of Amanda. She created an awareness and gave us insight into things we really had no clue about! Amanda gave recommendations to replace certain foods; reduce our refined sugar intake; introduced us to new, healthy products that are packed with vitamins and protein; and provided us with some delicious, nutritious recipes that are now a staple in our household.

Whether you are looking to make some small positive changes in life or want a complete overhaul, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed, as Amanda is so easy to speak and work with. Amanda is also very tactful when giving advice that may be hard to hear, especially when you are looking to reach a goal, but not necessarily wanting to hear what needs to be done to get there!”

 - Christina Davidson, Stay-at-home mom and Communications Consultant

There is no better time to put yourself first. It can feel like a big leap, a scary leap. But you deserve to feel amazing. You deserve the health you so desire. You deserve a new lease on life.