Educator and Speaker

Through workshops and classes, I educate health seekers, parents, caregivers and youth about the harmful effects of processed foods and sugar and how to nourish the body. The right foods can be different for everyone, but the one common area where we can all benefit is greatly reducing refined sugar and processed foods. I educate people on how to make healthy choices and on how to make changes successfully. Workshops can run on many platforms including the workplace, schools, in stores and in restaurants.

Current workshops and classes include:

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Praise for Amanda's Classes:

What great informative workshops that really facilitate awareness of the issue. This was complimented with a vast amount of knowledge on how to do things in different way to create success with in your family and for your children.
— Brandie
I thought it was excellent. So much info and so little time. I walked away with two new super foods we are doing, thumbs up!
— Deanna
I attended your workshop a few weeks ago and have been meaning to send you a message as a student of CSNN! I have made a few changes at home and the girls get to cook on a Saturday evenings, alternate weeks. My youngest cooked her first meal last week. I said you can cook anything you want and she chose shepherds pie :0) Tonight my eldest said when is it Saturday, I told her, and asked why, she said because I want to cook dinner :0) She has chosen to cook a salmon pasta dish. They are both very keen, lets hope they stay that way, so thank you for making me realize that I need to go the extra mile to involve them in cooking, and teaching them how to cook.
— Sarah Hughes, C.H.N.

Corporate Wellness Motivator

The workplace is an ideal space to make change happen since so many unhealthy habits can form between co-workers and colleagues. Think random coffee runs, donuts in the boardroom, candy jars, potlucks, eating on the run, etc. So much of what we do in social situations involves food. And a lot of the choices being made are unhealthy, fast and cheap. These workplace choices contribute to poor productivity, low energy, difficulty concentration, 3 pm crashes (or 10 am!), weight gain and frequent illness.

Successful implementation of programs designed for health can help to change the culture of the workplace and improve the health of those who tirelessly give of themselves to their careers. The support of colleagues elevates the work environment and can help to change the culture into one that is healthier and more aware. Employer and employees benefit! I mean, who doesn't want to be a part of a workplace where you feel motivated, well, inspired and happy? Everybody!

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