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Daily Detox with Food
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This might be a surprise to you...

but since I have become a holistic nutrition practitioner, I have never done a formal detox... of any kind. I'm serious. And often times when I'm asked to recommend a good detox, my answer is always the same: food.

In fact, did you know that the first and most important line of detoxing is when you change how you eat and change your habits around food. This simple act can literally change the direction of you life. It did for me.

Let me take you back almost 7 years...

My husband, Chad and I had decided we were ready to bring a bundle of love into the world. My very good friend, who is More Life's in house doctor, Dr. Natalie Rahr, directed us to do a detox and give our bodies a few months to eliminating toxins before trying to conceive. The detox that we decided to do was for 3 weeks. There was a smoothie to drink and food to eliminate from our diets. What I so deeply remember about this detox was the simplicity of the recipes and how amazing I felt preparing and cooking them. Now, let me be very clear, at this point in my life I knew very little about cooking and therefore did very little cooking. But this detox, which mostly surrounded food, the simplicity of food, flavour and the great satisfaction after each meal, changed the entire direction of my life. We completed the 3 week detox, I fell in love with whole foods, went on to teach myself how to cook simple healthy meals, gave birth to a healthy baby girl and went back to school for holistic nutrition.

That is the power of food. It changes lives.

So what's so important about detoxing?

We are bombarded with toxins in our environment and in our food on a daily basis. Our body can only process and try to eliminate toxins to a certain extent. It needs encouragement to cleanse and clear. This way our body, all its systems and organs can function more optimally. When this happens, so does health.

In the holistic field you may often hear the analogy about an overflowing bucket. What this simply translates to is when you're bucket is too full with toxins, you start to experience symptoms of dis-ease in the body. These symptoms can be:

  • low energy
  • poor complexion or other skin ailments like rashes
  • poor digestive health like constipation or diarrhea
  • premature aging
  • difficulty losing weight
  • difficulty sleeping
  • poor focus and issues of mental health
  • always being sick and having a hard time recovering

When you start to alleviate some of the load off your bucket, you will start to experience relief from these symptoms like:

  • energy
  • glowing skin
  • regularity
  • weight lose
  • deep REM sleep
  • focus and a clear mind
  • less illness and an easier time recovering
  • inspiration and creativity
  • a joy for life


Daily Detox with Food

Since going back to school and practicing as a health practitioner, I have used food to detox my body. And I do this daily with healthy habits and delicious mouth watering food. It's not complicated. In fact:

It's detoxing without actually knowing you're detoxing.

I know. It's true. And it's awesome.

In this e-book you will learn:

  • How to detox without actually trying to detox
  • How to best use the recipes
  • How to get a deeper detox if needed
  • My top foods that detox
  • How I detox daily.

You will also get 20 super easy and totally satisfying recipes that help you to detox, without really doing anything at all except for eating food that is yummy and makes you feel great.

Why detox daily instead of once a year or every few months?

The answer is simple. When you start practicing detoxing daily, you build habits without even realizing it. Sometimes a good detox, outside of food, is necessary. But what those detoxes don't teach you is healthy habits. Having healthy habits and knowing how to choose healthy food sets you up for life.

This is about feeding your body the right food to bring more energy, more happiness and more life.

This book isn't about a rigid plan that's hard to follow and often leaves you feeling hungry. It's about adding in more nutrients to encourage health.

Daily Detox with Food
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