Make change where you spend most of your time... at the office!

The workplace can breed unhealthy habits and poor health. Sitting for long periods of time matched with poor dietary choices can create a dangerous recipe for low energy, poor focus, weight gain and even dis-ease in the body.

Stop these poor habits in their tracks and make the workplace a space of health.

Join Amanda for six weeks of life changing education with a group of your closest allies, your colleagues. Amanda guides participants through a six week sugar elimination while educating how to make healthier choices.  This is about helping you and the people you work with feel their best.

If you feel your best, you do your best.

How this program has helped others:

I am no experiencing less highs and lows and therefore less cravings and learning to think about what I am eating. The group makes you feel like you are not alone. We all have great stories and we all have struggles and it inspires you to share. Amanda is amazing, always positive, always kind, very intelligent and knowledgeable. Makes you feel comfortable. It was a great experience! Thanks so much!
— Linda B - Finance/Accounting Assistant II
I don’t crave sweets anymore and feel SO EMPOWERED to finally have control of what goes into my mouth. The best part of working with the group was hearing that I wasn’t alone in my struggle and the sharing of ideas. I enjoyed the way Amanda LED all of us to a new way of thinking about what we eat by sharing the information in such a friendly way. It’s information that you need to hear as it will change the way you look at putting food in your mouth and it will make you feel so much better.
— A.C.E.

Here's the layout of this program:

Organize a lunch 'n' learn with your team and those interested more about the program and also about what it means to kick your sugar habit. In the lunch 'n' learn, Amanda dives into the harmful effects of sugar, where sugar is hiding and how it can effect your entire well being. Amanda touches on how the program works and what can be expected over the course of six weeks.

Over the next six weeks, Amanda meets with the group at a time that works best for the organization for one hour a week. These sessions work to build one another up, support each others process through the elimination, share in each others successes and problem solve obstacles.

All participants receive an E-book, a book of cheat sheets and a cookbook. They also receive email access to Amanda for trouble shooting in between sessions, access to an exclusive Facebook community with tons of benefits, including weekly live on-line chats. For all the details on this program, click here.

In the end, participants feel empowered, educated, aware, and more vibrant. Speaking from experience, people have commented on feeling lighter, higher energy levels, more alive, experiencing weight loss and excited for the future.

Once you learn a new and empowered way to live and eat, you won't want to go back!

Get in touch with Amanda to find a time to set up your lunch 'n' learn and this amazing six week program!

More great outcomes:

I learned to read the labels and be more aware of what is in prepared items. Sharing experiences and tips with the group, makes you more accountable. Amanda is so caring and inspiring, easy to learn from.
— D.L., Administrative Assistant
I have no desire for sweets. I think I was eating so much sugar out of habit but am slowly retaining myself and feel great. It’s great to be able to hear about other peoples challenges and also their successes. The group and Amanda are supportive and not judgmental. By participating I learned lots of interesting info from Amanda but also from other members in group. The discussions were very good.
— I.M.B., Customer Service Representative