Six Week Cooking Club:

Mastering the Art of Simplicity in the Kitchen.

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Amanda is a self taught home cook who is passionate about healthy eating that is gluten, dairy and sugar free. She is a wiz when it comes to knowing her way around a kitchen and wants to share her trade secrets with you. Like you, Amanda is busy so she has discovered ways to feed her family healthy whole food quickly! It's all about making life easier and eating well in the process. Cooking from scratch doesn't have to be hard. In fact, Amanda believes in simplicity, meaning simple and clean ingredients, nothing fancy or complicated. Amanda's recipes are full of flavour and are created to appeal to all your senses. She believes that food should not be boring because if it is, then what's the point of trying. Come sit around the kitchen counter, watch, join in and learn some tricks to make your health journey easier. Oh, and don't forget to bring an empty stomach!

The Six Classes will cover:

Week 1:: Breakfast >> protein filled breakfast recipes for sustained energy

Week 2:: Snacks >> recipes that promote a balanced blood sugar and an energy rush

Week 3:: Lunch >> easy to put together lunches that lift your spirits rather than putting you to sleep

Week 4:: Dinner: >> quick and healthy dinners for busy week nights leaving you with leftovers

Week 5:: Dips and sauces >> insanely easy and delicious sauces that add pizzazz to your meals

Week 6:: Dessert/treats >> sugar free treats that are too delicious not to share!

Only 6 Spaces Available!

This 6 week program runs once a week during the evening from 6:30-8:30pm.

In 6 sessions you will change the way you eat, learn new recipes, get a recipe book for your collection at home, pick my brain about food and EAT! You will learn and observe how I cooking healthily while keeping my sanity. And finally, meet like-minded people who are on the same path and be invited to join my private FB community with continued support from me and one another.

An investment of $499.

Check out the delicious menu below!

What graduates have to say:

"I can't even describe how happy I am for investing in myself (and my family) by taking the plunge, and diving into Amanda's 6 week "Mastering the Art of Simplicity in the Kitchen" course, "Kick your Sugar Habit" program, and just recently attended her "Christmas Baking" class!
I have always struggled with digestive and bloating issues, so eating healthy and working out has always been a must for me! But it wasn't until taking Amanda's programs, that I realized how much dairy, gluten and sugar really affect me. Since cutting out "most" of these things (I'm still slowly working on cutting dairy, gluten, and sugar completely out of my life), I no longer have my digestive tummy issues and no more bloating! It has helped me to guide my children and family into a healthier lifestyle, and helping them to be aware of how their choices affect them. AND who knew that eating healthy doesn't have to be plain & boring?! All of Amanda's recipes are amazingly delicious, and super simple to make. It was so nice to attend her classes to see 1st hand HOW easy healthy cooking actually is, and to know where to buy some of these ingredients that were really new to me. I now know how to "properly" read food labels, and I no longer care about the calories I'm consuming. It's all about whole foods and healthy fats! Amanda is super sweet & genuine. I look forward to working with her again and attending more of her classes."

- Shannon (Busy Mom of 3, Wifey, and Hair Stylist)

If you’re looking to make a change in your health through cooking, drinks, and supplements I highly recommend this class. It will surpass all of your expectations with clear- easy -delicious meals and recipes!

Amanda provided us with the tools to cook sugar and gluten free - easy to do meals and drinks. We received tips and resources on products –how to shop on a budget and much, much, more.

This class is completely interactive, as we all sat around her kitchen counter, watching Amanda prepare meals or drinks in front of us - sharing tips – asking questions -  and then everyone’s favorite - sampling time!

After my 6 week session I was ready to shop and prepare meals with confidence. I look forward to joining Amanda on another cooking class session.

- R. Theberge

I am so glad I signed up for this class! I truly looked forward to every Wednesday evening. I learned life changing tips and met some like-minded (and hilarious!!) people. Not only do I have a ton of new recipes that I continue to make on a regular basis but I have completely changed the way I shop and eat. I understand how to choose quality ingredients and I am practicing all of the time saving tricks that Amanda showed us. I cannot wait to take another cooking series with Amanda!! 

- Janie (Working Mum)

What can you expect?

SO much! Not only will you observe and watch how these simple recipes are made, you will eat them all. AND you will also get to take some home for your loved ones because they will need to try them too.

This program is about sharing information about food, how to source food and what's the difference between bad and great food. I share my lazy kitchen secrets and because this program takes place in my home, I also open my fridge and pantry to show you how it's done. The point is for you to walk away with tools so that you can get started right away and making permanent healthy changes for good.

Before each class I send out a shopping list so that you can stock your personal pantry and get creating the very next day after each session. On these shopping list I also tell you the best place to source products so that you can find them easier.

These a pictures from just three of the classes. A feast each time!

What was on the Menu for April?

(W1) Breakfast:: Overnight oats, banana pancakes: two ways, sugar free granola with homemade dairy free mylk and a protein smoothie.

(W2) Snacks:: blender lattes, smoothies, blender juice and carrot oat chia cookies.

(W3) Lunch:: Collard wraps, raw kelp noodle salad, quinoa tabbouleh, and sardine salad.

(W4) Dinner:: Baked sweet potato with black beans and cilantro tahini sauce, creamy garlic roasted red pepper pasta, red lentil dahl with kale, and quick beef meatballs.

(W5) Dips and Sauces:: Kale walnut pesto, rhubarb salsa, roasted beet hummus, and raspberry jam

(W6) Desserts and treats:: Grain free coconut cookies, chocolate oat cupcakes with strawberry cashew cream frosting, raw chocolate caramel cups, and raspberry mousse.

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