Transform your family's health by cleaning out your pantry and learning to shop healthily.

Cleaning up the Pantry!

  • Are you sick of your family's eating habits and looking for a change? Are you worried about what your family is eating and if they are lacking vital nutrients? If so this is the plan for you! Change doesn't have to be hard, you can adapt your cooking with healthier choices that will work for the whole family.
  • Meet in the comfort of your home, more specifically, in your kitchen. Discuss the goals for your family, current eating habits, your go-to meals, like and dislikes of food in the home and what you're looking to stay away from: sugar, gluten, dairy or all three! 
  • With Amanda explore your kitchen, go through your cupboards and refrigerator. Discuss current selection of products, including ingredients. Amanda will give you a list of alternatives to consider. She'll also send you recipes to get you started. 
  • The 2nd consultation will be at a grocery store of your choice. We will look for alternatives and build ideas for a healthy kitchen. We will explore products and their ingredients, specifically looking at what to avoid as well as what to include. Get more recipes!
  • In the last consultation we will move back into your kitchen. We will discuss what's worked, what's been a challenge and problem solve any obstacles. We will continue to build motivation and inspiration for reaching your family's health goal. Get more recipes!
  • Invest in your family's present health and their future potential: Send me a message to get started!
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