Joy and Pain... My Definition of Motherhood.

Photo credit: Merissa Daborn

Photo credit: Merissa Daborn

I am a thinker. A deep thinker. I love to ponder and reflect, however since becoming a mother the space for me to do this has been small. But today, this little one entered grade one. I just have one question...


I'm pretty sure I blinked... even though life has completely transformed since she entered my life.

When we arrived at her school today, the staff had written affirmations all over the pavement welcoming students back.

I felt my heart explode because those affirmations aren't just words, they are an energy that will envelop the school and everyone there. It will impact the day, week, month or year. But more then anything, reading this as a parent, I felt comforted that Story is exactly where she belongs.

Much love,

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