Top 12 Most Popular Posts of 2016

2016 was a truly incredible year. I learned SO much this year about myself and this growing and ever evolving business of mine. This year came with a lot of challenges that helped me to expand and open up. I took a lot of leaps of faith and a grew into the understand of taking risks... many of which I took. I grew... a lot. 

With the beginning of 2017, I took a look back and did an overview on the hottest and most delicious post of 2016.

12. Dairy Free Nacho Cheese

lentil pizza.jpg

It was a full year! I am grateful for all I accomplished and for being able to share all of this and more with all of you.

There's so many exciting things building for 2017. Lots of cooking classes, programs, workshops close to home and a far, collaborations and even some precious items to enrich your life. So stay tuned for all that the healthful and beautiful things to come.

Sending health, joy and love your way!

PS. Did you have a favourite post that didn't make the top 12? I would love to hear what your favourites were! Share in the comments below.