Red Lentil Pizza Crust!

My name is Amanda and I am a recipe google addict. Phew, I said it and feel so much better. Thank you.

Googling recipes and reading what other have created helps sparkle inspiration and motivation to create my own. And in the beginning when I had no idea how to cook, I used others recipes to learn. The more comfortable I became in the kitchen the easier it was for me to trust my instincts when it came to blending flavours and spices. And because I learned from so many other great home cooks out there, I still love trolling through blogs and reading what amazing creations they are coming up with.

Hence, red lentil pizza crust. This recipe is too easy and too amazing not to share even though it's not mine. So I have to because frankly, you deserve to know it! And although I usually adapt and change recipes that I find, I simply couldn't with this one. Maybe I will on a later date, for now, it's perfect as it is.

Here are some helpful tips I found when making these amazing pizza crusts:

  1. The recipe calls for 2 cups of red lentils. A 450g bag is basically equivalent to 2 cups, but takes away the step of measuring. And choose organic lentils if you can as conventional ones can be highly sprayed with pesticides, like Round Up, right before harvesting. Leave the pesticides out of your pizza!
  2. I made a double batch of this recipe and it was hard on my blender. I like doubling up so that I can freeze and have for fast pizza making on a later date. Next time I want to batch cook I'll just do one portion and then another while I'm cooking the first batch.
  3. I liked this crust best with some added sausage (our own homemade turkey sausage to be exact!) simply for the added oils. But if you're going full vegan, just add a light brushing of oil before you add the tomato sauce.
  4. If you do freeze your crusts, defrost them and then cook as recommended.

I think that's everything! So without further ado, click below to take you to this fantastic recipe by Vie de la Vegan.

Happy Creating!

Much Love,