Wanna Have a Peek in my Fridge?

People ask me all the time what I eat when they find out I don't eat gluten, dairy and sugar. And my answer is always the same, "SO much!" And so I thought I would open my fridge doors to you and share what's lurking on the shelves. So welcome!

Let me just say before we dive in that I did a whole lotta organizing and moving things around so you can actually see what's in my fridge. It's not always so organized, with things just shoved onto a shelved sometimes (ok, most times). But I fixed it up to share with you.

Looking in someones fridge is like house hunting. I love it! I want to see what they have that I need or want. When I look in friends fridges I look to see what sweet super foods they may have to what veggies they picked up. I just wanna know. Fridge lurking is my eye candy.

I didn't label everything for you as some goodies are visible enough. There are some potions, but nothing scary... I promise.

No let me just say... we don't eat ketchup. However, we do have it for when people come to eat at our place. I mean, if we didn't have ketchup, would people come over? I'm not too sure.

So there is it. I hope you enjoyed snooping through my fridge. It's kinda fun, right?!

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Happy eating!

xo Amanda

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