I Suck at Exercising. And I Own it.

Any one who knows me, knows how un-athletic I am. I have always been like this: unmotivated to exercise and kind of unsure how to do it successfully. As a woman in her late thirties, I have come to accept this. In fact, I own it.

The fact remains though is that exercise is very important to our health. It's important for a healthy immune system, mind, digestive system and a strong heart. It increases our energy and our production of happy hormones. It's true, exercise is really important.

I have always been in awe of friends who are athletic and great at exercising. I admire their ability to get out there and just do it (as Nike would say!). To me, it appears effortless, their ability to be runners, soccer players, hockey stars or getting up and going to the gym to pump iron.

Here's what I've learnt: this takes effort and dedication. They have built in habits around being active and exercising and now it's just what they do, it's part of who they are. And after training and practice, it becomes effortless. And that's why it looks effortless.

So why have I come to accept my unathleticism (not really a word, but fun to say)? Because I really know what my strengths are when it comes to taking care of my health.  I practice health everyday through the way I eat and nourish my body. I practice self care and self love with making sure that what I eat feeds me and doesn't weigh me down. My dedication to the way I eat looks effortless to others, but that's only because I have been practicing health for years and now it's second nature.

And by no means have I given up on being active. Quite the opposite actually. I look to others for inspiration and guidance. And while I work to improve my altheticism (not a word I know), I am kind to myself.

So for now my exercise is unique to me, authentic to me. I walk often, all day really, and chase after my little people, picking them us, carrying them and throwing them around (in a loving way of course!). I jump on a trampoline and carrying heavy bags of groceries (I sometimes feel like a bag lady). But I have recognized that I am active, very active in fact. And although I'm not running a marathon or pumping iron (and who knows maybe I will one day), I am moving and caring for my body.

I remind my clients all the time to practice self love and kindness towards themselves when they are on the road to transformation because it's essential to caring for yourself. Exercising to strengthen your body and eating to nourish your body is a process, one that is completely achievable. Accept where you're at in the process and look to others for guidance and support because that can make all the difference in the world. It does for me.

Here's to sweat and nourishing food,

Amanda xo