The Importance of Community

I love this image. A tree over flowing with love. So poetic.

Like this tree, we need each other for support and love. Especially when we are going through a life change. Releasing the old and welcoming the new. Support builds us up when we are feeling low and carries us when we can't carry ourselves. The love we get from community is irreplaceable.

Community can really come from anywhere. Your neighbourhood, where you work, in your profession, through mother's groups, gyms, spiritual organizations, or through schools. A large portion of community can also come from on-line. Take Facebook for instance. Not only is Facebook one extremely large community but there are also millions of smaller communities of people seeking support and guidance for various reasons.

Lack of community can be truly detrimental to someones health and well-being and the more I come to understand the importance of community, the more I value and seek it out. And I can see it from both sides as I've been on both sides. When I became a new mother, I struggled a lot. I felt unsure, confused and exhausted in every sense of the word. Because of how I felt, I isolated myself. I didn't seek out groups but rather only saw less then a handful of people that I felt comfortable enough to show my extreme vulnerability. Looking back, I recognize that this did me more harm then good. But it was a process I needed to go through and I am now grateful for the journey.

I have also experienced this with clients. People desperate to make change, wanting to transform their lives but because of their lack of community, they are stuck. They struggle with changing their habits and literally find it hard to move forward.

But guess what? Once community is found where people share that common desire, goal or interest, this is when life's door can open and true change is able to take place. This exact thing happened for one client of mine. After being stuck and almost paralyzed to change, she started to build her own community from the ground up and in the process changed her life. I watched in amazement. Her determination was so inspiring. After a year of working together I saw her blossom into a woman who was confident, healthy, knew how to make things happen and someone who had created a strong community around herself.

Being a part of these experiences as well as my own, there is truly no value on what community can bring into someone's life. Especially when you're seeking to change the status quo. Let's face it, human beings are meant to live in groups, to share the load, to support and help each other grow. We need each other. This will never change.

Sending you much love,

xo Amanda

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