Our Sugar Free Birthday Party

Let me assure you that this sugar free birthday party was sweet, abundant and everything a child would want. It was filled with goodness on every level, sans sugar. And it was awesome.

This picture is some of what was served to the kiddies and their parents: cupcakes, veggies with hummus, fruit and tortilla chips. I also made strawberry lemonade and popsicles. No juice at this shin-dig! Some kids just sat around the table, like my son, and ate for a large portion of the party. Mostly my son! He likes food (a lot!)

Although there was some prepping to do, it was fairly low maintenance. I of course had help (thank goodness!) because I don't know any party that can be successfully pulled off solo. There is just too much to do.

My daughter chose a butterfly theme and so this was what was on the agenda:

Butterfly wings for all the girls when they arrive.


Strawberry Lemonade, sweetened with dates! Get the recipe here.

Visiting with baby chicks (from our chicken farm)

Face painting

Decorating butterfly wands

Strawberry Raspberry Popsicles! Get the recipe here.

Butterfly pinata filled with girly accessories

Chocolate Cupcakes! Get the recipe here.

Opening presents

It was an action packed two hours. But oh so worth it. The kids played beautifully. After the kids left people started commenting on how well the kids did (ie. no meltdowns). I'll never know for sure, but I wonder if the lack of sugar at the party had something to do with it. Nothing that was served would offer their little systems a sugar spike and crash. However, they are also a really great group of kids, so it is hard to say. I would like to think that no sugar had a little something to do with it! Regardless, it was a super sweet party.

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xo Amanda