Sugar vs. Cocaine... woah.

This image says so much. I mean really, I don't ever think I would of had a conversation about sugar being compared to cocaine. But here I am, comparing the two. And for good reason actually. Sugar has been getting a lot of bad press lately. We are becoming more savvy about how sugar impacts our health and the addictive hold it has over us.

This picture of the two brains shows the reward centre being highlighted when both substances are consumed. Fascinating, right? Here's a little back history: A research study done out of Connecticut University was done on feeding rats cocaine and oreo cookies. The rats had a choice and both were available to them. Guess what? They loved both! Yup, those rats got a high from both.

Have a look at the startling similarities between the two. Kinda mind blowing.

Kick this ugly habit to the curb and learn to live sweet and abundantly sugar free!

xo Amanda