How is Sugar Addictive?

Cereal. Looks innocent enough, right? Not really. The first ingredient listed is sugar, so its safe to assume there is A LOT. In fact, there are 12.9 grams of sugar in one cup of this cereal.

I started reading labels when I became gluten free almost 20 years ago and it's still something I practice today but for a different reason. Sugar. I'm always looking to see how much sugar is added. If it's listed within the first 5 ingredients you can guarantee it's a main ingredient. I'm pretty sure that when looking at products that contain sugar, it's always a main ingredient because it's a sure fire way to keep us as frequent consumers.

Nicole Avena does an excellent job of explaining and illustrating how sugar is addictive. Sugar interacts with many parts of the body, enticing it to eat more. and more. and more.

What was once a treat is now something we consume many times through out a day. It's possible to break the habit. And it doesn't have to be painstaking.

Is there some work involved? Yes.

Will you gain more energy? Yes!

Will you be able to think more clearly and have better concentration? Yes!

Will you feel better about your precious body? Oh yes!

Like anything in life that requires change, there is a shift in habits that also applies. But it doesn't have to be complicated. It just requires some guidance and support.

Tomorrow we launch Live Sweet and Abundantly Sugar Free! Kick the Habit, be supported and feel amazing.

Living more life,