Kicking Sugar To The Curb!

Oh yes! Spring has arrived! And I simply can't wait until the farmers markets are filled with local goodness. Oh so soon...

I have been knee deep in sugar lately. Well, not sugar per say but researching sugar for my workshop Live Sweet and Abundantly Sugar Free and online program I just recently launched. Sugar and it's harmful effects is getting a lot of hype right now and for good reason. The white granules, once used as a condiment in the middle of dining room tables, is now being said to be as addictive as cocaine with major health repercussions.

Change is slowly happening but it takes times. I love this except from an article written by Dr. Robert Lustig and colleagues.

"Regulating sugar will not be easy…We recognize that societal intervention to reduce the supply and demand for sugar faces an uphill political battle against a powerful sugar lobby, and will require active engagement from all stakeholders. Still, the food industry knows that it has a problem…With enough clamour for change, tectonic shifts in policy become possible. Take, for instance, bans on smoking in public places and the use of designated drivers, not to mention airbags in cars and condom dispensers in public bathrooms. These simple measures — which have all been on the battleground of American politics — are now taken for granted as essential tools for our public health and well-being. It’s time to turn our attention to sugar."

Remember the time before airbags?! What about designated drivers?! The more we demand for regulations, the sooner it should come. Lets remember that we have the power!

I didn't always use to be a clean eating machine. In fact I've spent more time in the other camp then the one I'm in now. My childhood was filled with gummy bears and slurpies, frozen dinners and white rice. These patterns followed me straight to my late 20's. No joke. I did a lot of work to change my patterns and eating habits. Years. Yes years. And little by little my health improved. But honestly, it wasn't until I removed sugar from my diet that my health transformed. The most profound was my energy level. I always used to pride myself on being a fabulous sleeper, meaning I could sleep for 12 hours, get up for an hour and go back to bed. But really, this isn't normal or healthy but I had never realized it until I cleaned my body of sugar. Don't get me wrong, I still love to sleep but it's different. And even though I'm now running after two small children, running a business, working late into the evenings and everything else that comes along with family life, I have far more energy now then I ever have before. 

The thing for me was that once I eliminated sugar, other healthier habits started to form. Kind of a cascade effect. And it just continues to build as does my awareness, not just about food but about myself. The other fantastic side effect is that it has greatly impacted my family's health. With my children, especially my almost 5 year old daughter, it's a conversation we have often. And as the conversations between us happen, I'm again reminded why I kicked sugar to the curb. Hi-Ya! (high kick while jumping)

II'm taking what I've learned along the way and created an on-line program that you can do from the comfort of your home with the support from a community as well as me. This program is built for success. I'm adding as many tools as I can to make sure you kick sugar to the curb and find true sweetest and abundance. It's jam packed with so much quality and easy to navigate information that you will definitely want to be apart of it: Live Sweet and Abundantly Sugar Free.

But before you go, I leave you with a question and please leave your comment below...

What do you need to help you kick sugar to the curb?

Living more life,