She's Cracking Eggs, Baby! Kids in the Kitchen

My daughter, Story, has been in the kitchen with me since she was born. She was standing on a step stool from 1.5 years of age, involved in everything I did in the kitchen, which was making delicious food and making many MANY mistakes. She's been apart of it all.

What has she been learning through my cooking successes and MASSIVE failures? That the heart of the house is in the kitchen. She has watched how to wash food, prep cook, cook food and then she has enjoyed the end result of enjoying what was created.  Story understands that health doesn't come from a package, but that nourishment is a life long commitment that should be celebrated. She has watched and observed her parents make the effort and feed their bodies with yummy food.  

Not only does she know that the kitchen is a place to nourish the body but that it's a place to explore and create. Making food AND eating food should be fun. Story participates when creating or adapting recipes, experiencing the excitement and anticipation of the outcome. We are currently at a 95% success rate! Pretty good right? Well it's taken me a long time to get here!

 The benefits of having your children cook with you are endless. The skills they learn encourage life long healthy eating habits and choices, confidence and self love. Seriously, through observing how parents care for their bodies, they will learn to care for their bodies too. And let me just say, that health is a life long journey with many peaks and valleys. But at the end of the day we are building a foundation. 

And finally, if you like the help in the kitchen (cuz don't we all really?!), then now is the time to get your kids cooking!

Living more life,