Cauliflower Rice

There are lots of things I hear about, ways of preparing food that kinda goes in one ear and then passes out the other. Cauliflower rice is one of them. I heard a lot about how easy it was but never really felt really interested in making it... until tonight.

First I need to say that this is so easy to prepare. SO EASY! Let me explain. We had been out all afternoon to arrive home with famished children. I had made chili easier in the day but I wanted to serve it with something. Low and behold, a whole cauliflower head was sitting in my fridge.


I thought to myself "this is the time, it's now or never," well not really, but I finally felt the impulse to make this side I had heard so much about. So I trimmed off any brown spots and the leaves:


I cut it into smaller pieces and placed in into my food processor (fitted with the S blade).


I pulsed the cauliflower until it resembled rice, about 1 minute of pulsing. Ok, maybe a minute and a half, but that's it! This is what it looked like:

The whole process, including picture taking, was about 7 minutes. And let me just say that everyone loved it, especially my kids. What a sweet and nutritious way to get in more veggies. I was thrilled with how easy it was but also how tasty. Now I finally understand the hype. 

To serve this delicious side dish, simply sprinkle some sea salt over top. No cooking required! If you're serving it with something hot, the cauliflower will become slightly cooked. Otherwise, if serving it raw, try adding a little bit of lemon juice.  I am dreaming of all the ways I can use cauliflower rice... tomorrow I'm thinking with roasted veggies and hummus.   

Living more life,