Kids + Veggies. Why's it so Complicated?

 Photo credit: Merissa Daborn

Photo credit: Merissa Daborn

I hear all the time from people how well my children eat. Yes, it's true they do, but I still experience the same challenges as every family, especially when it comes to eating vegetables. Why is this? Why is it so complicated when it comes to eating vegetables?

The above picture is a true depiction of what can happen when enticing my kids to chow down on their veggies: lots of exaggeration, excitement and wowing. And although that can work sometimes, it doesn't always seal the deal. As a parent we always have tricks up our sleeves to get our children to do what we want, however sometimes it simply comes down to walking away or begging.

Children go through many stages of development, most of those stages include asserting their independence. This assertion can present itself in many forms... or should I say actions, words and choices. All of which can be confusing, frustrating and at times, amusing. But when it comes to the battles of wits around nutrition and eating veggies, it can cause a lot of worry. This worry can be overwhelming. I mean, we all want our children to have the proper nutrition so that they can learn, grow and play. We all have dreams for our children and I think a general consensus is that we want our children to grow up healthy. Agree?

Of course, raising healthy children involves many things. At the top of the list, however is proper nutrition. The balance of all things nutritious, delicious and nourishing. It is possible to make veggies part of your children's daily diet and have them asking for more. Yes, it does happen. I know first hand the challenges and successes of raising veggie loving kids. Let me share with you what I've learned and help to take 'complicated' out of the equation.

What I love about doing workshops like this is that it gives a space for people to share their personal stories and hear from others. We are all learning and we all have tools to share. This helps all of us to feel empowered to make change, especially once you've felt heard and know there's support available. 

 My upcoming workshop tackles all your questions, offers inspiration and education around these burning questions. Walk out feel empowered with tools and recipes under your belt. Register for this amazing workshop here: Raising a Sugar Free Veggie Loving Kid.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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